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Interested in one of our thermal solutions? Like to know more about our services? Find inspiration in some of our projects here! And, in the event of questions, we will be happy to provide you with further details about a specific application.

Steaming boiling kettles for a hospital kitchen

The patients of this hospital now enjoy delicious comfort food thanks to Callens steam, for the hospital’s expansion plans included a brand-new kitchen!

Steam quality brings back peace of mind

Via this logistic service company tons of feeds, chemical substances and other goods travel from A to B. Our steam appears when the transport tanks are up for thorough cleaning at the end of their duty.

Steam and thermal oil are a tasty match

This grower and manufacturer of potatoes is one of Callens’ loyal customers since years. His potatoes are being peeled perfectly, day and night, with steam produced by Callens. Now, we’ve added a thermal oil boiler to the furnace room to support the extra production capacity.

Ventilation brings in comfort

Reducing tropical temperatures of 50 °C and keeping it silent for the neighbors: check! We designed a unique ventilation system for our customer to create a work environment that is comfortable during every season of the year.

Ventilation cools military generators during testing

Far away in the Belgian Ardennes an impressive warehouse for military equipment is located. Generators of all shapes and sizes are one of the things that pass through for safety and capacity tests in ventilating testing rooms.

Excellent ventilation for excellent fries

Water and steam: they are the most crucial ingredients for the industrial processing of potatoes. However, they are often the cause of mold and bacteria as well. Our extensive research brought us to the final solution: a system that uses outdoor air to ventilate the production area.