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Interested in one of our thermal solutions? Like to know more about our services? Find inspiration in some of our projects here! And, in the event of questions, we will be happy to provide you with further details about a specific application.

High-bay warehouse looking for stability

To protect the goods of our loyal client until they are shipped to their final destination, Callens watches the temperature in this sky-high warehouse like a hawk.

Belgian cheese factory brings out creative dairy with the help of Belgian steam

Does the name Berloumi ring a bell? The famous grilling cheese is made with Belgian milk in a Belgian cheese factory, just like three other artisanal cheeses of the house. We added some Belgian steam to the recipe.

Laboratory puts ventilation to the test

Our client’s precious ingredients require a perfectly conditioned lab and properly ventilated fume hoods. The system we installed not only protects the ingredients but also the staff against polluted air. 

Steam and central heating for stable warmth

Callens assisted this transport company in expanding its lanes for tank heating in the port of Ghent. An additional amount of 24 tank containers can now easily join to get reliable warmth.

Cleaning system for food tankers

Steam is the one way to keep food transport tanks hygienic and safe. An exceptional partnership resulted in an efficient system.

Heat exchangers capture residual heat

With our help, ‘De Nieuwe Dokken’ residential project in Ghent now boasts a sustainable heat grid. That grid recycles the residual heat from a nearby production plant and transports it to all new residents.