Do you have energy to burn? Would you like to work for a dynamic family firm, founded in 1966, that has become the benchmark and market leader in industrial heating and air technology? Then get your CV out to us fast and become a Caul!

We are proud members of the 'Cauls'!


Kwaliteit Callens


We strive for quality among our partners and in the way we work together. We believe that to be the sine qua non of long-term success.

Enthousiasme Callens


We are dynamic, enthusiastic and ooze passion. We put our customers first and we move mountains to ensure that they have an outstanding experience.

Teamwork Callens


Every Caul plays a critical role in our company, regardless of position. Together we profess our corporate values. Customer focus, transparency and honesty lie at the heart of our company and our HR policy.

Want to apply spontaneously?

Cannot find what you’re looking for among our vacancies? Do you feel you have what it takes to become a full-fledged 'Caul'? Can't wait to strengthen our teams with your talent? We, for our part, can't wait to read your CV and cover letter. We welcome all spontaneous applications and always get back to you without undue delay.