It's all about igniting your inner fire here at Callens. Whether your passion burns for tackling technical challenges, seizing countless learning opportunities, or joining a team of warm and inspiring colleagues, you're more than welcome! Explore what a career at Callens could mean for you – or someone you know. 

Family of fire

At Callens, we're all about moving forward. Founded in 1966 by Willy Callens as a one-man show, our Belgian family business has grown into a market leader, fueled by an unwavering pioneering spirit. Combine that with our inviting work atmosphere and progressive HR policies, and you'll find yourself right at home in no time. 


Check out the fascinating history of Callens.

As our founder Willy Callens once said, "Every standout player with talent can turn a game around. But only a tight-knit team can clinch a championship." 

We have jobs - Family of fire

Experience the strength of our family

Since 2010, Callens has expanded into a family of companies, offering opportunities for growth that align with your ambitions. We established the joint venture Callens-Vyncke in 2010, focusing on the integration of smart energy technologies for large consumers, and in 2018, we welcomed Optimum by Callens, originally a Dutch company, dedicated to delivering innovative and technically robust solutions like thermal afterburners. 

While each company under our umbrella has its own unique identity, we're united by shared values and collaborative projects, such as our work at Aviko.

Kracht van onze familie

You bring the fire, we'll provide the motivation and perks

Our work environment is designed to keep your inner fire blazing. 

Through our four promises, we're committed to making it happen:

Just be you.

Be yourself, we believe in you 

As a company, we strive for authenticity and transparency. We find it only natural that you can be yourself here. We advocate for open and respectful communication because we believe it's fundamental for any long-term relationship. 

Dare to grow.

Dare to grow.

Grow personally and professionally 

It's still very rare for someone to hold the same role throughout their entire career. As an organization, we're aware of that and want to encourage our employees to occasionally reflect on their jobs. Interests may change, and talents can be further developed. We challenge you to do what you love, even if it means stepping out of your comfort zone.

You matter

You matter.

Your contribution to the team is invaluable 

We strongly believe in the power of a team. We need the expertise of each of our employees, but also a fiery team spirit to successfully complete those projects. A solid trust in each other forms the basis here. 

Always ahead.

Always ahead.

We think about your future.

Since its inception in the '60s, Callens has been continuously growing. Both in terms of activities and geographically. This ensures job security for each of our employees. 

Additionally, we also focus on a sustainable future.  

We are a market leader in our sector and intend to remain so. That's why we continue to innovate and invest in new technologies and the talents of our people.

Forget cookie-cutter application processes. At Callens, we tailor our approach to fit you. Expect a seamless, efficient process where we'll provide insight into your role and our culture, since we aim at sharing the same values in and outside our company. 

Want to meet potential teammates or visit our projects? It’s possible! We're flexible and committed to finding what sparks your passion. Your dream role might not be what you initially applied for, and that's okay. We're here to guide you every step of the way with honest feedback and support.

So, why wait? Apply today for one of our open positions, and who knows? You might be discussing your exciting future at Callens with our colleague Celien! 

Want to apply spontaneously?

Cannot find what you’re looking for among our vacancies? Do you feel you have what it takes to become a full-fledged 'Caul'? Can't wait to strengthen our teams with your talent? We, for our part, can't wait to read your CV and cover letter. We welcome all spontaneous applications and always get back to you without undue delay.