Do you have energy to burn? Would you like to work for a dynamic family firm, founded in 1966, that has become the benchmark and market leader in industrial heating and air technology? Then get your CV out to us fast and become part of the Callens-group as Caul, Callens-Vynckeneer or Opti-Caul!

Getting trained and paid to play with fire?

At the Callens group, it's possible! Fire - and heat in general - is at the core of what we do and who we are. We are a warm family company with a strong reputation and an amazing team. If you would like to be part of our team and become a Caul, Callens-Vynckeneer, or Opti-Caul, you can expect a personalized training program to sharpen your skills and fulfill your ambitions, no matter what role you end up in.

Ignite the fire within you and apply now for one of our job vacancies!

Enjoy the power of our family

In 2010, Callens became more than just a close-knit family of colleagues; it became a family of companies. In that year, we established the joint venture Callens-Vyncke together with Vyncke. The Callens-Vynckeneers form a small yet tight team that contributes to a sustainable future for the industry. They design impressive energy installations with combined heat and power, electrode boilers, medium voltage networks, and more. And you can be a part of it too! Here you can find their job vacancies.

The home base of Callens-Vyncke is the same as Callens': in Waregem. It's ideal because the Callens-Vynckeneers and the Cauls often collaborate closely. The project at Aviko, for example, is the wonderful result of such intense collaboration.

In 2018, the warm family expanded further with the acquisition of Optimum, a specialist in thermal oxidizers and heat recovery technology. The expertise under our roof is now unparalleled! Officially known as Optimum by Callens, the company works both independently on projects and in collaboration with Callens and/or Callens-Vyncke to provide comprehensive solutions. It's an exciting combination of challenges.

Although the company's headquarters are located in the Netherlands, the Opti-Cauls have found their place in Waregem too, just like the Callens-Vynckeneers and a large part of the Cauls. You are also welcome to come on board! View all job vacancies for the Callens Group here.

The Callens family pulls on the same rope

Kwaliteit Callens

Sustainable quality

We strive for the highest quality in our heating and air technical solutions, as well as in our way of collaborating. External and internal customer focus, an open communication style, and honesty are characteristic of us. With us, you can always be yourself, and there is room for your own ambitions and ideas. We let people do what they’re good at and what energizes them; that is our long-term formula for success!

Enthousiasme Callens

We move mountains

You can feel our dynamism! We are infused with a passion for our warm profession and proudly embody it. Our enthusiasm is contagious in every project. We move mountains to provide customers with an unforgettable experience and together, we make the impossible possible. It is interwoven in our DNA. We always bring out the best in ourselves and our technology.

Teamwork Callens

One eager team

The Cauls, Callens-Vynckeneers, and Opti-Cauls all have a crucial role in our company, regardless of the position they hold. We are a diverse team of skilled professionals, each with our own complementary skill set. Together, we form the fiery engine behind the success of the Callens family. In the words of our founder Willy Callens: "Any good player with talent can decide a match, only a cohesive team can win a championship."

Let's get digital

In addition to the general and job-specific trainings that employees benefit from annually, we organize a training program to enhance everyone's knowledge and skills in the areas of digital and social skills. With the financial support of the European Social Fund (ESF), we are introducing a total of 15 new training programs.

We are proud members of the 'Cauls'!


Want to apply spontaneously?

Cannot find what you’re looking for among our vacancies? Do you feel you have what it takes to become a full-fledged 'Caul'? Can't wait to strengthen our teams with your talent? We, for our part, can't wait to read your CV and cover letter. We welcome all spontaneous applications and always get back to you without undue delay.