Rental boilers: steam, thermal oil and central heating

Do you have a temporary need for extra thermal capacity? Rent a steam boiler, thermal oil boiler or an industrial heating boiler. At Callens you can find an extensive range of premium rental boilers for your production area, with capacities going from 200 kg to 25 tons.

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Rental boiler and their technical characteristics

If you need a rental boiler temporarily AND quickly, you are at the right place. Our boilers can be delivered at installed at your site within 24 hours because we understand your production process needs continuity during, for example, maintenance works on your own thermal installation or in the case of temporary failures. Boilers up to 2 tons are delivered in a container with the necessary extra equipment. Larger boilers are fixed on a trailer with a small container on the side to house the parts that come with it.

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Callens Stoomketels huren

Steam boilers for rent

  • From 560 kg to 15 tons
  • CE certified
  • Equipped to run on gas and/or LSO
  • Fully consistent with the strictest Vlarem II emission standards
  • Maximum efficiency
  • Equipped with every conceivable component (gas train, switch box, feedwater pumps, stack and PLC) to facilitate independent operation
  • Can be supplied with feedwater tank, LSO tank, drain pot...
  • Connected with flexible hoses to reduce technical intervention time and facilitate flexible and speedy installation

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Thermal oil boilers for rent

  • From 250 kW to 6000 kW
  • Equipped with gas train, switch box, pumps, stack and PLC
  • Connected with fixed hoses
  • Stand-alone boilers, usually set up outside

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Central heating boilers for rent

  • From 350 kW to 1150 kW
  • Equipped to run on LSO
  • Equipped with pumps and switch box
  • Connected with flexible hoses to reduce technical intervention time and facilitate flexible and speedy installation

Hire your central heating boiler

Rental boilers with all the necessary equipment and fully consistent with the highest quality standards

All our rental boilers are ready for a quick start-up and will be perfectly tuned to your specific situation. They are usually equipped with flexible hoses to minimize the time needed for installation. Additionally, we supply all the necessary equipment that comes with the boilers for optimal ease of use: gas train, switch box, feedwater pumps, stack and PLC. We can even optimize your rental installation further with a water service module, LSO tank, drain pot, and more.

Any questions? Ask us here and we’ll happily and quickly help you further.

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As efficiency is the Callens rental department's middle name, we will have you up and running within 24 hours.

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