Industrial ventilation & air conditioning

Industrial ventilation and air conditioning make for a safe and clean production facility. The air handlers we install clear the air from any impurities, offer your staff a comfortable place to work in and your equipment the highest degree of protection.

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Air conditioning by means of air handling units or air handlers

The air is conditioned in the air handling units, also known as air handlers. They can deal with anything from heating, cooling, air humidification to air dehumidification, air purification…. The concrete air flows and technologies we use are all tailored to your business’s ventilation needs and make a bespoke solution the way to go.

We offer mechanical ventilation systems with an output of 5,000 m3/hr. to 120,000 m3/hr. The air handlers can be fitted indoors or outside, depending on the space you have to play around with. Needless to say, we also take care of all the auxiliary equipment, piping and ductwork. As the electrical part and controls with a Siemens S7 PLC are an in-house design, the personalisation options are endless.

Luchtgroepen en luchtbehandelingskasten - industriële ventilatie

Quality and safety for your industrial ventilation

While the air handlers and associated ductwork come in a galvanised finish as standard, you can also opt for a stainless steel or other finish. At that, as all our industrial ventilation systems are Eurovent certified and the ventilation fans meet the ERP Directive, you are guaranteed to end up with a qualitative and sustainable ventilation system that will serve you for years to come.   

Industriële ventilatie en luchtgroepen

Air filtration and purification

Your air filtration and purification system comes with a number of filter classes, determined by the composition of the air in your production facility and the size of the particles present. Neutralising odours can also play an important part in the filtration process.

Even for specific contexts such as laboratories and clean rooms we will be happy to provide you with a smart air purification solution. 

Industriële ventilatie, luchtfiltering en luchtgroep Callens

Air humidification and dehumidification by means of industrial ventilation

The right level of air humidification or dehumidification through industrial ventilation not only protects your staff but also your premises and your equipment. What’s more, it is a basic requirement if you want to keep everything hygienically clean and in mint condition. Prevent damage caused by imbalanced air management, whatever the set-up of your production environment or your manufacturing processes. Ask our experts for advice!

Luchtbevochtiging en luchtontvochtiging via industriële ventilatie

Air ducts & vents

We move the polluted and clean air via clearly segregated air ducts. The ductwork and all the vents are dimensioned right from the design phase. Our team of fitters installs everything in situ and leaves your premises spick and span when they’re done.

Luchtkanalen & luchtroosters  - industriële ventilatie

Projects related to industrial ventilation & air conditioning

To give you an idea of the extent of our expertise in industrial ventilation & air conditioning, we thought it might be nice to offer you a selection of our most impressive projects. Hot off the press!