Ventilation brings back balance to laboratory in underpressure

The laboratory of this global player in materials technology, experienced a continuous state of underpressure. A tailor-made ventilation system regained the much desired balance.

Ventilation system for air balance

The one-way ventilation system only disposed of the impure air, thus placing the laboratory of our customer in a continuous state of underpressure. This brought about a series of highly unpleasant consequences. Opening the door, for instance, was not possible in multiple occasions and the low outside temperatures in winter also caused low temperatures inside.

That’s why we opted for a new ventilation system here that compensates the suctioned air with fresh and clean air. To equate the flow rate of the suctioned air with that of the supplied air, we installed a frequency converter on both sides of the ventilation system. The converter measures the flow rate at all times and sets the balance accordingly.

The supply of fresh air therefore correctly depends on the current pressure in the laboratory and the number of fume cupboards that are being used.

Ventilation in combination with heat recovery

On the roof of the laboratory building we installed an air handling unit that brings in the fresh air. Lastly, we added a plate heat exchanger for more sustainability. The heat exchanger recovers 80% of the heat of the suctioned air to warm up the fresh air. If the recovered heat is not enough because of lower outside temperatures, the heating battery jumps in.

Technical characteristics

  • Maximum air flow rate: 11.780 m3/h
  • Heating capacity: 85 kW
  • Recovered heat: 80%
  • Textile ducts for air supply
Callens ventilatie HVAC labo
Callens ventilatie HVAC labo