Heat exchanger prepares flawless cleaning and heating of potato factory

Potatoes are not the only ones in a potato factory who require steam in the process. The cleaning and central heating systems require on the power of steam too. This loyal customer counted on our expertise to upgrade his furnace room to the next level.

High-performing heat exchanger with extra capacity  

This project is one element of a large-scale modernization movement in the potato factory. To upgrade the outdated thermal installation, we opted for a high-performing heat exchanger with a larger capacity than before.

The new system consists of a heat exchanger connected to a vertical buffer tank of 5,200 liters which consists of multiple thermal layers. This way we make sure there is enough hot water available at any moment, even during peak hours. The frequency-controlled pump safeguards a continuous and balanced management of the flow rates.

Saving energy with custom work

We implemented an extra circuit to make use of the CHP’s waste heat because of which the customer now heats the water more sustainably. Another energy saving element is the vertical heat exchanger, also a flooded heat exchanger, that boosts efficiency and prevents wastage.

PLC equipped, operatable from a distance

The entire thermal installation is PLC equipped and operatable at the factory or from a distance. This system allows both the customer and our service team to closely monitor all activities and to detect irregularities in an early stage. Which, finally, leads to a lower number of outages and less time lost in traffic.

Technical characteristics

  • Flow rate: 21 m3/h
  • Buffer tank: 5.200 liters
  • Working pressure tank: 5 barg
Projets de technologie thermique
Projets de technologie thermique