Air technology

Looking for the right cooling and ventilation for your production process or premises? We design and install your air handling units, chillers and cooling towers. At that, we see to all the ductwork to ensure that the conditioned air ends up exactly where it is needed.

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Air technology engineering

Our team of concepts and sales engineers, project managers, project leaders and draftsmen not only offer you a technical solution to any air conditioning problem but are also happy to work it out for you in detail before issuing you with a competitive quotation.

Our technology engineers keep a watchful eye on the technical standards and a keen eye on any innovations our R&D department comes up with.

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Engineering luchttechniek Callens


Callens stands for reliable and safe air conditioning.

Our site managers and fitters install all the parts and air ducts to transport the conditioned air to users or the desired room(s) as required. Our trained and skilled electricians take care of all the electrical connections.

Lastly, our service and automation engineers look after the start-up, commissioning and visualisation of your system. In sum, an A to Z service.

Installatie luchttechniek Callens

Air technology servicing

Technical problems or scheduled maintenance?

Our teams of skilled service and automation engineers are at your beck and call, 24/7. Thanks to our extensive stock of spare parts, we are at your door within two hours of your call, anywhere in Belgium.

This makes us the fastest, most reliable and surest service provider in the sector.

Service en onderhoud luchttechniek Callens

Working with Callens stands for... strength, reliability and safety!

Personal approach to customers and staff
In-house engineering department, staffed by experienced engineers
A-Z integration & total solutions
Unique service & intervention team

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