Laboratory puts ventilation to the test

Our client’s precious ingredients require a perfectly conditioned lab and properly ventilated fume hoods. The system we installed not only protects the ingredients but also the staff against polluted air. 

Ventilation in fume hoods

Our client built a new laboratory and we prepared the move into its new premises with, inter alia, a chemical-proof extraction system for 25 fume hoods. We opted for a system with a total extraction rate of 18,000 m3/h. The movable extraction arms we connected to the system ensure that there is no way pollution can escape from the extraction system at any point.

Ventilation within the laboratory

To make the laboratory a pleasant place to work in, we also fitted a ventilation system on top of the extraction system, complete with heater and cooler battery. The system fills the area with fresh air at the correct, constant temperature, in function of the seasons. The automation we added ensures that the heat from the extracted air is recovered inasmuch as possible. Sustainable and cost-efficient!

Technical characteristics

  • Extraction rate: max. 18,000 m3/h
  • Injection rate: max. 18,000 m3/h
  • Airtight injection via fabric ducting
Ventilatie in laboruimte
laboruimte ventileren
Ventilatie in laboruimte
laboruimte ventileren