Industrial heating

Industrial heating not only creates a pleasant workplace for your staff but also a stable processing and storage environment for your products. Accuracy and efficiency are of the essence here.

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Industrial heating for low and high-rise

We have industrial heating systems for every type of building, no matter how small or large the space you need to heat. For maximum efficiency, we always opt for an in-house design because that allows us to take account of the shape of your area(s), their size and air movement. On the basis of these parameters, we devise a heating system that produces stable and evenly distributed air, with a minimum of heat loss.

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Air handlers or air heaters as a source of heat

An air heating system typically involves the use of air handlers which can be fitted indoors or outside. Alternatively, we can supply you with gas-fired or water-supplied air heaters. The temperatures we can reach cover a wide spectrum: from a comfortable 20°C for your production halls or an exact 25°C to ensure fermentation in your brewing process, to 80°C for your hot rooms. We always come up with the ultimate solution for every temperature and every sector.

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Servicing your air heating system

The Callens team of maintenance technicians is at your beck and call day and night. Aside from servicing your industrial heating system, they are always at the ready to deal with any urgent or less urgent issues. Expertise and a thorough understanding of any project always lead us to the right solution.

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Projects related to industrial heating

To give you an idea of the extent of our expertise in industrial heating, we thought it might be nice to offer you a selection of our most impressive projects. Hot off the press!