About Callens

ESF - Sustainable career policy

Callens wishes to consistently acknowledge, coach and reward the talents of our employees.


Big company, family values

Callens is a Belgian family firm founded in 1966. In just over half a century we have grown into a much sought-after heating and air technology partner for the process engineering industry.

With respect for and gratitude to the first generation, the second generation has taken the helm of our friendly family business. And as we follow in the footsteps of our elders, we are more than ever convinced that our customers and employees deserve an outstanding experience.

Supplying a quality that is top-notch, on schedule, backed by an energetic service organisation that is unique in our industry, is very much part of our DNA and allows us to provide our customers with what they expect from us: speed, reliability and certainty.

Our commitment

Callens invests in trailblazing high-tech systems, with a focus on the economic and environmental interest and an unfailing concern for people's well-being. It is our ambition to keep growing and to get even better at what we do. Our strength lies in the fact that we are able to combine the advantages that come with having grown into a large concern with the values of a family firm. Our motto is: big enough to cope, small enough to care. This motto is what inspires us and the 200 'Cauls', our enthusiastic employees, to put down a great day's work day after day and to consolidate our position as market leader.

ESF - Sustainable career policy

In late 2018 the project on sustainable career policy that we submitted to ESF was approved. This project was granted support for its development by the European Social Fund.

The goal of the project is further professionalisation of HR policy in order to be able to offer sustainable careers to our employees.

We wish to encourage strong leadership, allowing our managers to support and guide their employees. A competence policy and optimalisation of cooperation will be included in the project as well.

Finally, a diverse approach to the onboarding policy and anti-burn-out prevention will be implemented in combination with a comprehensive presenteeism policy.

This sustainable career policy project is co-funded by the ESF and/or the Flemish Government.