Lab applications & clean rooms

Labs are fitted with powerful extraction systems and the necessary air balancing equipment. Clean rooms, on the other hand, need sufficient air changes to contain and remove any particulate matter present. In either scenario, you are guaranteed a clean and safe workspace for your staff and an ideal environment for your equipment and the materials being processed there. Incidentally, did you know that ventilation is the foremost energy consumer in these applications?

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Extraction system for lab cabinets

Extraction of your lab cabinets (also known as fume cupboards or fume hoods) will be dictated by the tests to be carried out, the materials and substances used and the required temperature and level of humidity. These are some of the parameters we use to design you a powerful extraction system that turns your fume cupboards into hygienic and safe work tools. Next, we connect them to one or more extractor fans or an air handler. Lastly, we add the necessary energy recovery systems to make sure that you end up with an energy-efficient system.

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Lab make-up air

Make-up air is the next logical and essential step in your lab furniture’s extraction systems. For that reason, we fit them with adjustable air injection systems that supply you with clean air, at the right temperature and level of humidity, and with a balanced air flow. In sum, make-up air is indispensable for a safe work environment and equipment that functions as it should.

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Air balancing in labs & clean rooms

Air balancing keeps undesirable particles at bay without you having to compromise on comfort. By creating minimal overpressure in the room, we keep it spick and span and fend off any outside influences. In most cases, a pressure difference of 5 to 20 Pa will suffice.

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Hepa filters for clean rooms

Hepa filters are a standard feature of any clean room. They extract the finest dust particles to ensure that the air quality meets the most stringent of standards. In practice, they stop minimum 85 % and maximum 99.999995 % of all particulate matter measuring 0.1 micrometre (µm) in size, depending on the specific filter type. It goes without saying that we select the filter type in function of the requirements applicable to your situation.

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