Belgian cheese factory brings out creative dairy with the help of Belgian steam

Does the name Berloumi ring a bell? The famous grilling cheese is made with Belgian milk in a Belgian cheese factory, just like three other artisanal cheeses of the house. We added some Belgian steam to the recipe.

Steam breathes new life into old production site

What started as a hobby in 2014, has grown into a successful company that puts craftsmanship and local partnerships first. To bring the delicious taste of their cheeses to a larger amount of consumers, the factory moved to a bigger site with most of their existing machinery. Callens relocated the Jumag steam boiler to the new site and connected the old to the new.

The steam pipes, steam collector, gas pipelines and the connections to the machines have all been mounted by our experienced people. The works were carried out at a brisk pace for the cheese factory to take a running start after two weeks only.


Technical characteristics

  • Capacity: Jumag 360 kg/hour 
  • Operating pressure: 10 barg
  • Working pressure: 3 to 4 barg
  • Fuel: natural gas
Callens stoomketel verhuis
Callens stoom piping
Callens stoomketel verhuis
Callens stoom piping