High-bay warehouse looking for stability

To protect the goods of our loyal client until they are shipped to their final destination, Callens watches the temperature in this sky-high warehouse like a hawk.

Protection against temperature fluctuations every square metre of the warehouse

Our client, a renowned flooring manufacturer, invested in smarter and more efficient storage and is now able to use every square metre of its new, automated high-bay warehouse. Up to a height of 14 metres, no less! Our challenge? To protect the highly sensitive goods against temperature fluctuations, from floor to ceiling.

Reliable temperatures at every level

Our brief was to ensure that the temperature would not rise or drop by more than 0.2 °C per metre up or down. An air-handling system on the roof with a flow rate of 50,000 m3/h has proven to fit the bill. It ventilates, heats and cools the space at the right moment while the complex air duct system distributes the air throughout the warehouse at a temperature gradient of 0.2 °C.

The distribution system consists of 2 phases:

  1. Primary air is injected, cooled or heated by means of a central duct network
  2. A secondary jet system limits the temperature gradient height-wise


Technical characteristics

  • Air flow rate: 50,000 m3/h
  • Heating capacity: 300 kW
  • Cooler battery: 200 kW gross cooling capacity, 115 kW net cooling capacity
  • Temperature gradient: 0.2 °C / m
  • Speedy and homogeneous temperature distribution thanks to the 2-phase air treatment system
  • Air-duct system takes up a minimum of space which, in turn, allows for extra storage space
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Callens ventilatie - industriële luchttechniek
luchtgroep Callens
luchtkanalensysteem Callens
Callens ventilatie - industriële luchttechniek