Ventilation cools military generators during testing

Far away in the Belgian Ardennes an impressive warehouse for military equipment is located. Generators of all shapes and sizes are one of the things that pass through for safety and capacity tests in ventilating testing rooms.

Ventilating testing room makes testing safe

The ventilating testing rooms allow for the military generators to be tested on safety and capacity, in utterly safe conditions. Thanks to the testing rooms we designed and built in-house, our customer is now able to get the maximum out of the generators and test them at full capacity, without them overheating. Our engineers showed their best customization skills since the available space was rather cramped.

Extracted heat turns into useful heat

To cool the generators during and after testing, we are blowing fresh air on top of them. The warm air that is being removed in doing so, finds its way out in two manners: one part is being recovered to heat the nearby service unit and another part leaves the room via an extraction system. On top of that, we added a bypass to the installation that pushes the air out during the hot summer months.

Taking into account that there are also dangerous gasses such as NOx filling the air when testing the generators, we provided a special exit. So in the end, only clean air is being recovered and pushed outside.

Technical characteristics

  • Max. cooling flow : 30 000 m³/h
  • Max. inlet air temperature: 35°C
  • Max. temperature in testing room: 50°C
  • Max. recovered cooling flow: 8000 m³/h