Ventilation brings in comfort

Reducing tropical temperatures of 50 °C and keeping it silent for the neighbors: check! We designed a unique ventilation system for our customer to create a work environment that is comfortable during every season of the year.

Ventilation system defeats tropical temperatures

Our customer set up a brand new building, consisting of five floors of which the third, fourth and fifth required a carefully designed ventilation system. The building is used for preparing all kinds of ingredients that are used to make a wide range of floorings afterwards. Those activities bring about tropical temperatures from the third floor until the fifth floor, reaching up to 50 °C in summer.

Autonomous ventilation system for each floor

To temper the heat at every critical level we equipped each floor with an autonomous ventilation system. The systems are being controlled progressively per floor.

In this case, we made use of outside air for the cooling process, taking into account the temperature of the outside air does not exceed 35 °C. The silence with which the air is cooled, is extraordinary. We installed multiple sound dampers at the air suction and extraction points to keep things nice and quiet for the neighbors in the surrounding residential area.

Technical characteristics

Air flow rate:

  • 3rd floor: 40.000 m3/h
  • 4th floor: 80.000 m3/h
  • 5th floor: 100.000 m3/h
Callens industriële ventilatie
Callens industriële ventilatie