Excellent ventilation for excellent fries

The best French fries are made in the best ventilated conditions only. 

Water and steam: they are the most crucial ingredients for the industrial processing of potatoes. However, they are often the cause of mold and bacteria as well. To ensure a hygienic working environment for our customer, we mapped out the entire production process and possible soft spots. In the next phase we determined the ventilation rate that is necessary to create a satisfying indoor climate in which the employees can work comfortably and in which the installations function at their best.

Our extensive research brought us to the final solution: a system that uses outdoor air to ventilate the production area. The air is being blown in to the ‘clean zones’ and evacuated near the areas containing the highest level of built-up heat and humidity. Two powerful air systems are each responsible for an air flow rate of 120.000 m³/h. On top of that, to save energy, only residual heat from the production process is used to heat up the air.



  • Capacity: 2 x 120.000 m3/h
  • Residual heat: 1.600 kW