One extraction system, twice the benefit

A powerful extraction system lets our customer combine his animal feeds in a clean environment. The dust that is blown into the air during the process is eliminated immediately and recovered to market as a residual product.

Dust is eliminated from the room

In the production areas where our customer puts together his animal feeds, large amounts of dust fill the area. That’s why we decided to construct an extraction system that extracts the dust at the root and redirects it to the cleaning filter, using compressed air. Subsequently, the loop is closed by bringing in clean air, in accordance with the standards for the maximum levels of dust concentration. In other words: no dust will hinder our customer’s activities again. 

Dust as a residual product

As our customers may always expect, we went the extra mile for this project. The extracted dust travels through a cleaning system which allows this customer to market it as a residual product. Additionally, this technique protects the environment from unnecessary dust particles.

Technical characteristics

  • Maximum flow rate: 9,000 m3/h
  • Maximum vacuum: 3,200 Pa