Thermal craftsmanship across national borders

From Belgium to Poland, national borders can’t stop us from fulfilling our promise: keeping industrial processes at the exactly right temperature. Something this customer with foreign production plants can affirm.

Constant temperature for storage tank and pipelines

The Polish branch of our customer, producer of sealants for the construction industry, entrusted Callens with the heating of its 60 m3 chemical storage tank, using thermal oil. Next, the ingredients in the filler and circulation pipes toward the mixing machine were to be kept at a constant temperature.

Electrical thermal oil boiler is our solution

To get the job done, Callens selected an electrical thermal oil boiler with a capacity of 18 kW and a flow rate of 12 m³/h. The boiler pushes the thermal oil towards a buffer tank with a maximum capacity of 100 liters and keeps the oil warm at an exact temperature of 45 °C. Next, multiple pumps suck the oil from the buffer tank to pump it further towards the spiral around the storage tank and the double-walled pipes.

The complete heating unit consists of:

  • Boiler
  • Expansion tank
  • Buffer tank
  • Overflow tank
  • Pump combinations

All parts were assembled in the Callens plant in Waregem by our craftsmen. 2 skids were used to support the entire installation, which in turn facilitated a more compact transport to Poland and a faster construction on-site.

Technical characteristics:

  • Capacity: 18 kW
  • Flow rate: 12 m³/h
thermische boiler
thermische boiler
thermische boiler
thermische boiler
thermische boiler
thermische boiler