Heated transport from A to B – part 2

The first batch of our customer’s transportation containers has been receiving heat from Callens for a few years now. It allows the company to transport temperature-sensitive goods safely. During the second phase of the project we scaled up the entire installation to provide more heat and more efficiency all together.

One thermal installation, twice as much thermal stations

In 2017 we assembled a thermal installation connected to five thermal stations. This year, we added another five stations to allow double as much truck drivers to bring their containers to the exact right temperature. This way they can bring their goods to their final destination under the best thermal conditions.

Steam and condensation x 10

All ten thermal stations are connected to the furnace room through underground steam pipes. Each of those stations are provided with two vapor hoses that are attached to the steam and condensation return pipes. The electrical heat tracing protects the pipes from extreme temperatures up to -15° Celcius.

The furnace room houses a steam boiler equipped with an economizer to heat up the feed water with flue gas heat in advance, leading to a positive impact on the energy consumption and the durability of the installation.

Technical characteristics

  • Net capacity: 1300 kW
  • Work rate steam boiler: 1.7 tons/hour
  • Design pressure pipes: 10 bars
  • Recovered capacity: 83 kW