24/7 service & support for thermal and air technology

Our service engineers, burner technicians and maintenance technicians make up the most comprehensive and reliable service team in our industry. With a large stock of spare parts behind them, they assist you 24/7 with the fastest possible service.

In constant Reliable Process Temperature you can trust

Your reliable process temperature starts with our engineering and remains constant with our proper maintenance and prompt service. We provide every heat (including cogeneration plants from our sister company CallensVyncke) and air technology installation with the necessary periodic aftercare, tailored to legal and technical requirements. This ensures that each installation has a long and performing life.

Moreover, our intervention teams are on standby for emergencies around the clock and every day. So your production remains guaranteed. Depending on the service contract you choose, we are with you within 2 hours (+ travel time). Also at night. With our knowledge and decisiveness, and a large stock of spare parts, your installation will be up and running again in no time. 

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You choose, we care take care of it

Choose now from one of our 4 service packages and we assure you with the best service for your installation. Nowhere is it more qualitative, more complete or more adapted to your needs.


For situations where you expect real craftsmanship

Technician will be at your site within 24 hrs + travel time




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When your reliable heat seems far away, Callens is close by

Technician will be at your site within 8 hrs + travel time




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When the unexpected does not wait

Technician will be at your site within 2 hrs + travel time




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For the most personal form of total care

Technician will be at your site within 2 hrs + travel time

Receive an installation-specific analysis to maximize the potential of your package


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Boiler repairs by the best technicians

Our in-house team of technicians is also on standby for a variety of boiler repairs. They replace fire tubes, weld cracks in the pipe plate, replace coils, repair leaking pipes in production areas, detect natural gas leaks, and so much more. These repairs make your industrial plant perform longer and better with minimal investment. Reliable process temperature – it’s something we give you for life.

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Keep your steam traps clean, intact and effective

Your steam system's steam traps drain condensate from steam lines and heat exchangers. We prefer to check them annually to address blockages and defects quickly and to keep your system as efficient as possible.

A properly functioning steam trap allows condensate to pass through, but keeps steam out. Contaminated filters or damages may prevent the steam trap from closing properly and still let steam through. This water hammer in the steam and condensate system endangers the proper functioning of the installation and causes direct energy losses.

Therefore, it is important your filters are cleaned regularly. We check the steam traps’ full functionality during an annual inspection with an ultrasonic device, which always occurs when production is running, not during regular maintenance downtimes.

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As nothing makes us happier than a happy customer we settle for nothing less than perfection, whatever the project. This is also the reason why we have been working with these partners, who operate to the same high standards, for years.