Dehumidification with additional air conditioning and heat recovery

This cardboard manufacturer received both a dehumidification system and an air conditioning system with heat recovery. This combination maintains a healthy and pleasant working environment throughout every season.

Dehumidification at targeted key points

Moisture concentrates at 4 key points in the production process, after which it spreads across all walls and the ceiling of the 276-meter-long hall. At these points, we installed powerful fans that extract the humid air – with temperatures exceeding 40 °C – and channel it through a heat exchanger to recover and repurpose the heat usefully. The cooled air then leaves the building through the piping network.

Heat recovery for a pleasant working climate

The heat exchanger easily extracts 15 °C from the warm, humid air. The fresh air we subsequently draw in passes over the heat exchanger for most of the year to be heated. Just enough to achieve a pleasant working climate of 18 °C. If the fresh outside air is already warm enough, it passes through a separate stream to the air handling unit for conditioning before heading to the production hall. This process is automatically regulated throughout the year.

Air distribution via jets on meter-long ductwork

A large air duct with jets at multiple points distributes conditioned air from one end to the other of the production hall. This ensures the air is spread throughout the entire space, creating a comfortable climate without condensation. 


Technical specifications

  • Extraction flow rate: 4 x 28,000 m3
  • Supply air flow rate: 4 x 28,000 m3
  • Heating capacity: 4 x 224 kW
Callens lucht ontvochtiging
Callens lucht ontvochtiging