Hot water extracts excess moisture from confectionery

Using a hot water boiler, we heat the drying chambers where excess moisture is extracted from confectionery, after it has been cooked and molded. This drying process ensures confectionery with a fine and consistent texture.

Hot water boiler simplifies the drying process

The 2 MW hot water boiler is the ideal solution here to reach temperatures of up to 150°C. We designed a closed circuit, making a degasser and water supply tank, for example, unnecessary. This makes the whole system less complex and more maintenance-friendly.

An economizer was essential to achieve the desired combustion efficiency of 95%. Additionally, we retain the heat maximally in the circuit thanks to good insulation materials and techniques on external components.

"We felt completely relieved because Callens took strong control of the entire project: they handled the design, on-site connections, and plumbing, and also took care of the air technical part," said the Project Manager at this company.


Air cooling after the drying process

The colleagues from the air technology department ensure that the hot air in the drying chambers is safely cooled. They also immediately address the removed moisture from the confectionery. This keeps the entire production process hygienic.


Technical specifications

  • Capacity: 2 MW
  • Seal pressure: 10 barg
  • Operating pressure: 5 barg
  • Combustion efficiency: 95%