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Interested in one of our thermal solutions? Like to know more about our services? Find inspiration in some of our projects here! And, in the event of questions, we will be happy to provide you with further details about a specific application.

Central heating boilers heat gas pressure regulating station

These Belgian gas pressure regulating stations are supplied with Callens heat to prevent clumps of ice forming in the pipelines. Now the gas can be depressurised in all safety before it makes its way to the homes in the area.

Heat recovery gives lost energy a new lease of life

Giving residual heat a new lease of life? That is precisely what we did for this waste processing plant. We designed a system that captures the production heat in good time and brings it to its new life at the neighbours’.

Central heating boiler rides the waves of a wood drying plant’s fluctuating heat demands

This producer’s new wood drying room gets what he wants when he wants it: the right amount of steam to tailor the heat to the type of wood he wants to dry.

Tanks at the optimum temperature

43,000,000 litres of vegetable oil in the Ghent canal district were waiting for Callens heat. Now, a new central-heating system keeps the oil storage tanks at the optimum temperature, 24/7.

Medicines guaranteed safe and energy-efficient steam

An up-to-date steam system is crucial for this pharmaceutical company, for it keeps the production of chemical base components for its medicines safe and energy-efficient. The time for an overhaul had come and Callens stepped up to the plate.

Combined heat and power system getting backup from 90 tons of steam an hour

As this grain processor was about to lose its external backup for its combined heat and power system, we called out to install a powerful backup system.