Central heating boilers heat gas pressure regulating station

These Belgian gas pressure regulating stations are supplied with Callens heat to prevent clumps of ice forming in the pipelines. Now the gas can be depressurised in all safety before it makes its way to the homes in the area.

This Belgian gas infrastructure group built a new gas pressure regulating station that was in urgent need of Callens heat. We installed three central heating boilers that keep the pipelines at the right temperature as the pressure of the natural gas drops from more than 60 bar to less than 5 bar. In normal circumstances the gas would become ice cold during that process. The heat exchangers, connected to the central heating boilers, provide thermal resistance against that cold, thereby protecting the pipelines. 

 Thanks to the modulation and cascade control system of the three central heating boilers, a high output can be guaranteed on the hottest summer days and in the depths of winter alike. At that, this redundant system meets the highest quality, durability and safety specifications. So, henceforth the families living in the area can always count on reliable heat. 

Technical characteristics

  • Output: 3 x 465 kW
  • Fuel: natural gas