Wanted: compact steam boiler system

The compact boiler room of this particular client required a compact steam boiler system. The Callens crew took up the challenge, got down to work in our workshop and delivered a Jumag steam generator on skid, complete with all the peripherals.

When this company decided to expand its activities with a new application, steam production in the production hall was struggling to keep up. With space in the boiler room at a premium, the standard configuration was not an option. There was only one thing for it: to put the Jumag steam generator together in our workshop instead. We managed to fit the entire system, including peripherals, on a compact skid to ensure swift connection in situ. Interestingly, the skid was positioned alongside the user and not in the boiler room.

The built-in economiser ensures a speedy start-up and an efficiency of 95 %. We also brought the intake duct outside so that the system uses air that is clean and safe. 


Technical characteristics

  • Output: 560 kg of steam/h
  • Operating pressure: 13 barg
  • Working pressure: 6 barg
  • Fuel: natural gas
  • Combustion efficiency: 95 %
Callens stoom Jumag
Callens stoom Jumag
Callens stoom Jumag
Callens stoom Jumag