Medicines guaranteed safe and energy-efficient steam

An up-to-date steam system is crucial for this pharmaceutical company, for it keeps the production of chemical base components for its medicines safe and energy-efficient. The time for an overhaul had come and Callens stepped up to the plate.

The steam system of this pharmaceutical company has been conforming to a long list of requirements since forever and a day. Determined to keep it like that, this company called on Callens to partially renovate its system. We replaced one of the three steam boilers with a brand-new Viessmann boiler that supplies 16 tons of steam per hour. Also the water supply train, complete with degassing unit, condensate tank, pumps, valves and pipes, were exchanged for the best, latest models.

To allow us to tick off the ‘optimised efficiency’ box, we fitted the new main steam boiler with an economiser, oxygen regulator and air preheater (APH). At that, we built in an extra option that enhances reliability even further: the entire system derives its energy from natural gas but can also run on fuel oil so that it can continue to generate steam in the event of a scheduled or unscheduled disruption in the natural gas supply.


Technical characteristics

  • Output: 16 tons of steam/h
  • Operating pressure: 10 barg
  • Working pressure:  8 barg
  • Fuel: natural oil / fuel oil (backup)
  • Combustion efficiency: 98.6 %
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Callens stoom geneesmiddelen