Tanks at the optimum temperature

43,000,000 litres of vegetable oil in the Ghent canal district were waiting for Callens heat. Now, a new central-heating system keeps the oil storage tanks at the optimum temperature, 24/7.

These storage terminals in the Ghent canal district are inter alia used to store tens of thousands of litres of vegetable oil, molasses and oleochemical products. All in all, our client’s liquids take up 3,300,000 m3 at the site. Callens homed in on the vegetable oil, which requires a constant operating temperature of 98 °C.

We designed a 2 x 2,000 kW central heating system that ensures a constant and accurate temperature. This reliable system can even heat several storage tanks within the requested time and keep them running at the perfect operating temperature, 24/7.


Technical characteristics

  • Output: 2 x 2,000 kW
  • Operating pressure: 12 barg
  • Working pressure:  8 barg
  • Fuel: light fuel oil
Callens cv ketels voor opslagterminals
Callens cv ketels voor opslagterminals