Central heating boiler rides the waves of a wood drying plant’s fluctuating heat demands

This producer’s new wood drying room gets what he wants when he wants it: the right amount of steam to tailor the heat to the type of wood he wants to dry.

Central heating boiler serves four wood drying rooms at converted site

Lefibo, which produces wooden pallets and packaging materials, converted its storage site into a second production site. By installing four state-of-the-art wood drying rooms, heated by one central heating boiler, our client was able to get round the inefficient transport times between the two plants.

Your wish is our command

As every type of wood has its own moisture content, each wood drying process requires a different temperature. With that in mind, we fitted one of the largest single-unit central heating boilers that can handle a wide range of temperatures, to over 100 °C. Thanks to the PLC system we developed in-house, the client can regulate the temperature with an accuracy of an incredible 1 °C. The large buffer, for its part, ensures that the boiler can easily serve one drying room individually or four drying rooms simultaneously.


Technical characteristics

  • Output: 4,200 kW
  • Combustion efficiency: 95 %
  • Fuel: natural gas
Callens cv ketel voor hout
Callens cv ketel voor hout