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Interested in one of our thermal solutions? Like to know more about our services? Find inspiration in some of our projects here! And, in the event of questions, we will be happy to provide you with further details about a specific application.

Conditioned air for Belgium’s largest industrial bakery

This Belgian industrial bakery has challenged us before and did so again for its new production building. After all, our air technology systems have proved their worth in many of their production units before.

New backup boiler & HRSG gas turbine boost process temperature reliability

The customer’s installation was about to draw his last breath. In cooperation with our colleagues from CallensVyncke, we build a flawless and high-performing steam installation with a HRSG and backup boiler.

Steam, odor combustion, ventilation and balance of plant in one smart package

Our customers reap the benefits of a unified Callens group. We packaged steam production, odor combustion, ventilation and the entire balance of plant in one smart package to relieve Aviko of all its worries in its brand-new factory in Poperinge.

Steam and central heating system keep bulk containers reliably warm

Liquid and semi-liquid substances need reliable heat to be transported safely. With our steam and central heating system, we heat bulk containers containing such substances and keep them at the right temperature.

Steam plant with 'dual fuel' burner balances heat supply

From old to new, to future-proof: this chemical giant moved its old steam installation aside for a new one, which includes a 'dual fuel' burner. In addition, we offered some extras that make the steam supply even more cost-effective.

Food safe air heating system for industrial drying tower

Heating air in a food safe way is not a matter of course. Yet, it was a rewarding challenge for both our thermal and air experts. They combined thermal oil with tailored air batteries to reach up to 200°C, without the risk of hazardous substances, such as nitrates, entering the production process.