New backup boiler & HRSG gas turbine boost process temperature reliability

The customer’s installation was about to draw his last breath. In cooperation with our colleagues from CallensVyncke, we build a flawless and high-performing steam installation with a HRSG and backup boiler.

Stability and reliability as primary parameters

Whereas the previous installation frequently broke down, the new boiler room is all about a stable steam network and, consequently, reliable process temperature. We started off with the installation of the backup boiler, after which we proceeded with the gas turbine that is, moreover, based on the structure of an HRSG. As soon as we brought the backup boiler in operation, the customer was already able to refine his culinary oils and fats without any interruption along the way.

Technological advancement at a rapid pace

The second point of progress lays in the new technologies we have integrated. They contribute to a more efficient, profitable and better performing production process. In addition to that, the installation meets a whole range of customer specific requirements: going from brand specifications to a special method of electric wiring that should be used. On top of that we managed to commission the project long before the expected date, which lead to significant gains for the customer.

Eye for ergonomics

When designing the platforms and embedding the various appliances, we kept a close eye on ergonomics to maximize the customer’s and service technicians’ comfort. Each and every part of the steam installation can be reached easily, without needing additional elevator trucks. Furthermore, we provided a pivotable deck and two trolleys to bring down the safety valves safely and ergonomically.

Technical characteristics

  • Capacity backup installation: 23 tons of steam/h
  • Operating pressure: 18 barg
  • Working pressure: 15 barg
  • Fuel: natural gas