From expensive overcapacity to balance with backup steam

With a single steam boiler of 10 T/h, the installation of this laundry was oversized. We designed a smarter system that splits its forces to produce steam more efficiently and always has a backup plan.

From 1 x 10 tons of steam per hour to 2 x 5 tons

The laundry maintains its total steam capacity of 10 tons of steam per hour but no longer pays as much for it. The new installation is more flexible, efficient, sustainable, and provides greater operational reliability.

The first steam boiler generates 5 tons of steam per hour at 10 barg with a 'low NOx duo fuel' burner. The second is a 5-ton gas boiler ready as a backup. The construction relieves the laundry during maintenance, inspections, unexpected interruptions, so business activities can always continue at full speed.

High-efficiency degasser and other technological innovations

The high-efficiency degasser with residual oxygen guarantee is the first technological intervention to optimize the installation. It extracts oxygen from the boiler water to prevent corrosion and to thus extend the lifespan of the installation and its components.

We retain heat as much as possible in the circuit with flue gas dampers, automatic steam shut-off valves, and the heating coils in the boilers. Furthermore, we opted for extensive insulation to minimize heat losses.

The cascade arrangement of the steam boilers is the perfect solution to quickly respond to the regularly changing steam demand. The in-house-designed control automatically determines which boiler should produce what amount of steam. With the built-in 'Callens Control' module, both the customer and our technologists closely monitor the operation.

Rental boiler for steam during construction

A Callens rental boiler kept the production running while our own pool of technicians built up the installation. The ideal solution for working with reliable steam supply, even before the kickoff of the final installation.


Technical specifications

  • Capacity: 2 x 5T
  • Seal pressure: 10 barg
  • Operating pressure: 6 barg
  • Combustion efficiency: 95%
Stoomketels cascade opstelling
Stoomketels cascade opstelling
Stoomketels cascade opstelling
Stoomketels cascade opstelling