Cleaning system for food tankers

Steam is the one way to keep food transport tanks hygienic and safe. An exceptional partnership resulted in an efficient system.

The food products our client transports arrive at their destination fresh and safe in squeaky clean transport tanks. To thoroughly clean these tanks time and again, we combined our technical knowledge with that of a cleaning specialist. A partnership made in heaven! Together, we came up with a system that buffers heat rather than generating it instantly, with the result that we were able to use less energy to yield a higher output. To start with, the water is pressurised at the appropriate temperature at exactly the right time. The PLC system keeps things simple and makes everything easy to control.

The steam system consists of a:

  • Fire-tube boiler with natural gas-fired burner
  • Feedwater tank
  • Drain pot

Hot water production is optimised thanks to:

  • A cold water hydrophore vessel
  • A horizontally layered hot water tank
  • A steam-heat exchanger
  • Controlled mixer taps that regulate the temperature of the hot water that feeds the system

Technical characteristics

  • Output: 1,000 kg steam/h
  • Operating pressure: 13 barg
  • Working pressure: 10 to 11 barg
  • Fuel: natural gas
transport reiniging
transport reiniging
transport reiniging
transport reiniging
transport reiniging
transport reiniging