Heat exchangers capture residual heat

With our help, ‘De Nieuwe Dokken’ residential project in Ghent now boasts a sustainable heat grid. That grid recycles the residual heat from a nearby production plant and transports it to all new residents.

Heat grid runs on residual heat

North of Ghent, a first for Belgium and environs graces the skyline: ‘De Nieuwe Dokken’, a residential project where maximum sustainability is key. One of the project’s main energy pillars is the heat grid Callens was involved in. That grid conveys the residual heat from a nearby production plant to the project’s new residents.

Central heating boiler and heat exchangers combined with thermal oil system

Callens got the job done with a 1,300 KW central hearing boiler and two heat exchangers. That system captures the residual heat that would otherwise be lost. As it happens, the nearby production plant uses a thermal oil system Callens installed that heats and cools the oil for its processes in a minimum of time. Thanks to this addition, the residual heat is at long last being put to good use.

We took care of the lot: a system complete with calorimeters, balance tank, buffer tank, two kilometres’ worth of piping, pumps, PLC system...


Technical characteristics

  • Output: 1,300 kW
  • Operating pressure: max 16 barg
  • Working pressure: PN16 at 100°C
Warmtewisselaars capteren restwarmte
Warmtewisselaars capteren restwarmte