Steaming boiling kettles for a hospital kitchen

The patients of this hospital now enjoy delicious comfort food thanks to Callens steam, for the hospital’s expansion plans included a brand-new kitchen.

To keep pace with this hospital’s continued expansion, a brand-new kitchen was required. The kitchen appliances, among which the boiling kettles, rely on Callens steam to bring and keep the meals to/at the right temperature. At this moment in time, two steam boilers are coping with steam demand just fine, but, while we were on site anyway, we got everything ready to add a future, third boiler to the system.

As always, a great deal of thought went into the design of this university hospital’s steam system. There were also a number of specifications to be met such as a fire-tube boiler fitted with a water-level sensor, a sample cooler and a manometer complete with control valve. We got down to work and delivered a project that will serve the hospital well for years to come.


Technical characteristics

  • Output: 2 x 1,500 kg steam/h
  • Operating pressure: 8 barg
  • Working pressure: 5 barg
  • Combustion efficiency: 94 %
stoomketel ziekenhuis
stoomketel ziekenhuis