Steam quality brings back peace of mind

Via this logistic service company tons of feeds, chemical substances and other goods travel from A to B. Our steam appears when the transport tanks are up for thorough cleaning at the end of their duty.

Steam boiler takes quality and capacity to the next level

The new steam boiler we integrated in our customer’s cleaning system for transport tanks, delivers a higher level of stability and capacity than before. The previous system brought nothing but breakdowns and worries, so our engineers proved that Callens only brings reliability. They opted, for example, for a VKK Standardkessel that is imperturbable. Thanks to the way they designed the installation as a whole, our customer is now able to work on full capacity and to use all 10 cleaning lines. Therefore, they drove up the capacity from 6 to 11 tons steam per hour.

“We’re still convinced that choosing Callens as our thermal partner was the right thing. The confidence we put in the company and its people, was confirmed during every step of the project, since everything went smoothly, from beginning to end”, Wesley Temmerman, Maintenance Coordinator

Steam installation with eye for energy efficiency

The steam that is being produced, passes through multiple steam-water heat exchangers, which results in the cleaning system reaching its temperature faster. The customers experiences this system as a huge advantage since all cleaning lines require a quick activation, for every cleaning program that is chosen. In addition to this, we opted for a modulating Weishaupt burner with a power range going from 900 to 9100 to meet the rapidly changing heat demands.


Technical characteristics

  • Output: 11 tons of steam/h
  • Operating pressure: 12 barg
  • Working pressure: 8 barg
  • Combustion efficiency: 95%
  • Fuel: natural gas