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Interested in one of our thermal solutions? Like to know more about our services? Find inspiration in some of our projects here! And, in the event of questions, we will be happy to provide you with further details about a specific application.

Three central heating boilers for gas pressure regulating station

At a new gas pressure regulating station, we installed three gas-fired central heating boilers to supply heat to the natural gas heat exchanger.

Heat on the shop floor

Locomotive manufacturer in search of a heating system to heat its factory halls efficiently. Callens proved to be just the ticket!

Four central heating boilers for domestic hot water

To meet the major domestic hot water requirements of the scalding baths at a poultry abattoir, Callens fitted 4 central heating boilers in a cascade configuration.

Connecting waste heat

The carmaker buys waste heat from Stora Enso at the other side of the Ghent-Terneuzen Canal, supplied via an underground pipe. We connected up all the transport pipelines.

Energy from incinerator flue gas

The brief of this particular heat recovery project was to recover energy from a waste incinerator's flue gas.

Stainless steel air handler

As releases of volatile, aggressive vapours are not uncommon in a laboratory environment, air handling units and ductwork in stainless steel are almost essential.