The Cauls happily maximize their potential and switch positions internally

10 March 2022

We’re happy to let the Cauls maximize their potential. Talent is abundantly present in all shapes and colors, and hiding in the most surprising corners. That’s why we choose to cherish it. Setting their talent and potential free, moreover, boosts their career path and sometimes leads to new paths within the organization. Emile Decorte, for example, started at Callens as Burner Technician ‘on the move’ in 2018, yet, now takes up the role of service Planner & Coordinator at the head office.

A career path that unfolds itself

Together with his fellow technicians, Emile Decorte hit the road every day to help out customers in need and to get their production process going again with real Callens heat. “Supported by Callens, my skills as a technician grew fast. I put in lots of positive energy in the job and Callens had my back with the necessary training”, remembers Emile.

“In June 2021, Carl, our Business Unit Manager for the service department, came to me and asked me whether I was interested in a temporary position switch. He urgently needed an extra pair of hands in the form of Planner & Coordinator, and he knew I would be a good fit considering my technical knowledge.

Even though it had not been my ambition to take up another role, because I was having all the fun, I didn’t want to ignore the opportunity. So I grabbed it with both hands. Three days later I was already sitting at my own desk, ready for the new job!

The switch was quite challenging. In a few hours only, I got acquainted with the new ERP system, learned the ins and outs of efficient planning and got to know the many different installations our customers owned. My technical experience was a lifesaver. The years that I had spent in the furnace rooms of the customers, gave me the necessary knowledge and confidence to fully and quickly understand the issues people were calling me for. And that is, after all, the prime service Callens offers to its customers: a rapid and qualitative solution.

We hire for attitude, we train for skills

Callen’s recruitment policy is unique and therefore well-known in the region. Tommie Duyvejonck, HR Director, explains: “Our first aim is to find people who match with our open and inspirational culture. If they prove to have the right attitude, we happily support them with the necessary training sessions to expand their skills. This method has brought our company so much talent. We cherish it and wish to give our Cauls a happy and enriching career.”

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