Rental boiler keeps port activities burning while renovations for a future-proof boiler room take place

While we’re transforming this boiler room into a future-proof place, we’re giving the customer a rental boiler that delivers 10 tons of steam per hour to guarantee a continuous flow of heat for its tank storage in the meanwhile.

Rental steam boiler delivers 10 tons of steam per hour, and operational safety

Callens’ rental boiler delivering 10 tons of steam per hour is our customer’s guarantee for heat, since the boiler room on its site in the port of Antwerp is undergoing serious construction works in terms of future-proof energy management.

We’re organizing the works in phases so the port activities can continue at maximum capacity. If one of the old boilers starts to fail or is withdrawn from service, the rental boiler makes sure there is more than enough steam. And that’s a must, considering the liquids in the heated tanks need a stable temperature at all times to remain intact.

”We’ll always remember Callens’ open and transparent communication with us as their customer. It stimulated a smooth collaboration. The professionalism of the teams and their true expertise are also a great advantage’, says the Project Engineer @ the site at the port of Antwerp.


Technical characteristics:

  • Capacity: 10 tons 
  • Operating pressure: 12 barg
  • Working pressure: 8 barg
  • Fuel: natural gas
Callens stoomketel 10 ton/h
Callens stoomketel 10 ton/h