Steaming research for better and more sustainable vegetable and potato products

We’re happy to deploy our warmth and precision for a higher purpose: universitary research on better and more sustainable vegetables and potatoes. A brand new Viessmann steam boiler is giving the best of itself on the testing ground and delivers 1 ton of steam per hour to support the experiments carried out.

Steam boiler is the working force in universitary testing ground

The Viessmann steam boiler is a three-pass boiler with a net capacity of 651 kW and operating pressure of 24 barg. He will serve a university testing ground and help peel, blanch and bake vegetables and potatoes. The researchers are focusing on, amongst others, water and energy management, food safety, quality and the byproducts that are created during the process.

The steam boiler, however, doesn’t have to perform maximally every day but has to adapt itself to the varying steam demand. That’s why we equipped the burner fan with a frequency converter, which we implemented in the electrical cabinet that has been designed by our own people.

“From the beginning until the end the communication was smooth, correct and clear. All agreements were fulfilled and the team actively brainstormed with us to find the best possible solution for our research ideas at the testing ground. All these aspects gave us confidence in Callens and in the further collaboration on the long term”, Business Manager @ universitary testing ground

Well-equipped for a safe work field

The universitary testing ground is polyvalent. Besides its function as research lab, there are often trainings and demonstrations taking place, which means the furnace room receives all kinds of visitors on a frequent basis. In respect to the safety of those visitors, we insulated the boiler with thermal materials that are 100 mm thick. Even the doors, the burner plate and the manholes were given a safety layer.  

Technical characteristics

  • Capacity: 1.000 kg/h
  • Operating pressure: 24 barg
  • Working pressure: 21 barg
  • Fuel: high calorific gas
Callens chaudière à vapeur
Callens chaudière à vapeur