Thermal oil puts the heat on glass in the autoclave

This glass manufacturer houses a major part of its production process in autoclaves. To also bring its latest autoclave up to the right temperature, we expanded the thermal oil circuit.

To expand its production, Guardian Glass installed a second autoclave in its production hall, designed to give its glass various heat treatments. Our teams fitted the autoclave with a 1,920 kW hydraulically balanced thermal oil system. To this end, we opted for a sustainable closed, nitrogen-pressurised expansion system that is able to retain the specific properties of the thermal oil for extended periods of time.

This project came with a few strings attached in that production is based in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg with the result that the deviating standards applicable at our neighbour’s had to be taken into account to ensure final acceptance and pass the inspection of the new system once we were done.


Technical characteristics

  • Output: 1,920 kW
  • Fuel: natural gas
Callens thermische-olie-systeem
Callens thermische-olie-systeem