2 x 40 tons of thermal certainty

The old combined heat and power system has made way for two steam boilers with an output of 40 tons of steam an hour each that keep the production process of this chemical plant running efficiently and safely. 

High efficiency and a 99.8 % availability of steam

The challenges for this particular project were clear: high efficiency and a 99.8 % availability of steam and this in all safety because our client Chemours develops delicate chemical substances. We replaced the former combined heat and power system with a high-end steam system consisting of two boilers supplying 40 tons of steam per hour each, fitted with an economiser. These boilers guarantee a continuous production process that stands or falls on Callens steam.  

Full steam  capacity within twenty minutes

Each boiler can run at full capacity within twenty minutes, offering our client the flexibility to give the process an extra boost when necessary. That the installation is a powerful one our client notices every day. That the system is also a noiseless one even the neighbours will admit. In fact, the system was designed to prevent noise nuisance for the nearby residents.   

 Technical characteristics 

  • Output: 2 x 40 tons of steam/h 
  • Operating pressure: 25 barg 
  • Working pressure: 21 barg 
  • Fuel: natural gas 
  • Combustion efficiency: 96.5 % v the lowest calorific value 
Stoomketels voor chemie Callens
Stoomketels voor chemie Callens