Steam boiler from our rental range ensures grain processing night and day

Where grain processing requires steam around the clock, also the backup steam boiler must be in good nick. With that in mind, we replaced the pre-existing system while a new full option steam boiler from our rental range provided the backup our client needed.

The steamy days of the backup steam boiler of this West Flemish grain producer and processor were well and truly numbered. After many years of loyal service at peak times or when the main steam boiler was being serviced, a new backup boiler was to take its place. As a plan B was obviously required to prevent an interruption in our client’s grain processing, we arrived with a new, full option steam boiler from our rental range in tow which would temporarily take on the backup role. Because the boiler was ready to go and came with a drain pot and feedwater tank it was connected to the existing circuit in no time at all.

Next, we replaced the two existing chimneys with one new, 35-metre high, technologically more advanced model. In addition, we installed a sound-reducing casing around the boiler’s burner to contain the din in the boiler room. And last but not least, we added a PLC system, complete with module, to allow the system’s status to be monitored remotely.


Technical characteristics

  • 7 ton/h rental steam system on trailer
Callens stoomketel huren
Callens stoomketel huren