Towards a climate neutral production process during an energy crisis: how?

20 December 2022

Within less than 30 years, we will be living and working without harming the planet like we do now. Even during an energy crisis like this one, it is possible to make the switch towards climate neutrality. Gradually for some, that is. But a sustainable approach is the only way forward, and in the end, even the most advantageous.

Reduce the use of fossil fuels without drastically increasing your energy bills

Highly polluting fossil fuels such as heating oil seem to be the solution to making the energy crisis and your energy bills bearable. This is temporarily true. Those who are now switching from natural gas to fuel oil, for example, are currently benefiting financially because natural gas prices have risen almost 100%.

But it won't stay that way. Massive requests and the commodity crisis are pushing back delivery times. How energy prices will compare by then is unclear. Moreover, the use of fuel oil is often linked to a tangle of government regulations and questions to which companies have no answer. Third, switching back to a more sustainable alternative will be more advantageous sooner than you think. That comes with a price tag, too.

And what it all comes down to: the climate does not benefit at all from this short-term thinking

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Use the energy crisis for your energy transition

Using the energy crisis to initiate your energy transition is the smartest move because you will be reducing your CO2 emissions in your industrial production environment while gaining in efficiency and sustainability. We have already explained this in detail.

So what is the best approach to invest in the future? Follow the energy ladder. Start small. Analyze where you can recover heat. This can already be done with small and inexpensive interventions.

We are happy to calculate what will benefit your company the most.

Do you have a by-product left over from your production process that can serve as an alternative fuel? Perfect. We'll see if we can use it in the heating process. Or is your boiler room in need of renewal anyway? Then a hybrid boiler can offer relief. Is there a high demand for both steam and electricity? For that purpose, we use the best cogeneration units in collaboration with CallensVyncke.

Here you can find an overview of our industrial boilers with alternative fuel. Would you like to receive a calculated solution tailored to your needs? It's right up our experts' street.

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