Longtime Cauls officially honored

31 January 2023

Our longtime Cauls have been proud ambassadors of our family business for 10, 15, 20, 25 or even 30 years. That's why every year we officially honor the new group of longtime Cauls with personal words of praise, a sweet treat and an award that shines as much as their pride. 

The result of a warm culture

Warmth is part of our DNA. We want to radiate it as much as possible to both our Cauls and customers in collaboration with a dedicated HR team. It is, as a consequence, more than gratifying that so many Cauls experience the warmth of the Callens nest and enjoy being - and staying - here.

That nest is filled with warm-hearted colleagues and managers who help everyone find their own way. It's filled with opportunities that keep you moving forward in the areas you care about. Finally, the open culture where everyone's opinion counts and is 100% appreciated, helps induce work happiness.

That's not all, of course. Discover more about our warm culture.

Callens team

Complementary team with younger Cauls

The lifelong Cauls are bursting with experience. That makes them the best teachers for our younger and more recently recruited Cauls. They bring their experience to the table and teach the others the ropes, while, in their turn, they are constantly learning from their younger colleagues who challenge them with new perspectives.

We supplement the spontaneous learning moments with training programs, such as People Management given by Acta, and trainings per function and according to the needs. This way, we all grow into the best and most curious version of ourselves. Year after year.

Would you like to work in our warm culture? Then be sure to check out our vacancies for our branches in Waregem, Geel and Luik.

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