Callens showcases feasible sustainability techniques at 1st EcologiCal event

30 November 2023

Callens presented its achievable and modular sustainability techniques for the process industry during the first - eagerly awaited - EcologiCal event. Participants from across the country gathered at the meeting and event venue Panoramix by Callens to learn, firsthand, about what techniques deliver excellent results, how to control energy flow cost-efficiently and how to navigate a rather uncertain future.

Target your investments for a sustainable 2030 and 2050

The journey is challenging without the right partner, but the EU’s sustainability goals are clear: by 2030, a 50% reduction in emissions compared to 2020 is targeted, and by 2050, the EU aims for climate neutrality. Under the flag EcologiCal, the Callens group assists industrial players in gradually reducing their CO2 emissions, right on time to meet the deadlines.

CEO Windy Moerman emphasizes, "The question is not if, but when. You’ll successfully navigate the energy transition with investments that allow flexibility to integrate new energy sources and technologies.”

"It starts with the right strategy, defined in a CO2 roadmap," says guest speaker Rien De Koster from Enersangi. Combined with Callens' energy ladder, it provides the perfect foundation for decision-making, because it takes into account:

  • ongoing energy contracts
  • self-generated energy
  • energy from neighboring companies at profitable prices
  • current and future capacity needs
  • the best available technologies today and those in development
  • the phase-out of emission rights by 2034

"A 'one-size-fits-all' solution does not exist," emphasizes Kris Stappers, Sales Director at Callens and Optimum by Callens. "Each unique CO2 roadmap and responses to the energy ladder are evidence of that. We align with the general energy strategy customers choose, or we help them define it."

Callens EcologiCal event

Utilize your own renewable energy and maintain focus on energy efficiency

On-site renewable energy is invaluable, not only electricity or biogas but also hydrogen and less conventional fuels such as ethanol, methanol, syngas, and LCV that can be valorized through clever engineering. To address potential pollution to the boiler, caused by those fuels, Optimum by Callens implements the Automatic Pipe Cleaning System (APCS) to clean all pipes automatically and regularly, yielding additional efficiency.

Increasing on-site energy efficiency with minor interventions also has a significant impact on total CO2 emissions. Consider economizers recovering heat from flue gases, thermal degassers keeping your boiler in optimal condition, or air preheaters.


Flexibility is key for an affordable energy bill

Electricity is a potentially green energy source but is not always cost-efficient (yet). Flexible management of energy sources and flows is essential for an affordable bill.

"Storing electricity in large quantities is inefficient and still too expensive to be profitable. It is much more interesting to to switch between energy sources or suppliers at any time of the day," explains guest speaker Jens Baetens from Entras.

The two most impactful implementations to work flexible are:

  1. Hybrid boilers
    Installing a hybrid heat boiler, you maximize the potential of your own renewable energy. Hybrid steam boilers, for example, use electricity when available and/or affordable, and switch to natural gas when necessary. The same applies to the hydrogen boilers and biogas boilers that Callens has designed and installed.

Major consumers have been investing in flexible energy parks for a while now, installing a combination of fuel-flexible, high-efficiency boilers supplemented with e-boilers. Callens-Vyncke takes on the complete integration of such complex setups.

  1. Software that manages the energy switch for you, anytime
    If we combine our set-up with Entras' software, you will know which supplier and energy source are the most cost-effective at any time of the day. The software, additionally, selects the best energy source automatically, based on your preferences.



Climate neutrality remains complex and thus highly customizable

Creating a roadmap to climate neutrality is complex due to the multitude of technologies, energy fluctuations, and regulations. Yet, within this complexity lies a significant opportunity. It allows us to develop the most achievable and affordable installations for every company, large or small.

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