Annual safety campaign rewards employees who address unsafe situations

08 February 2024

The 2024 safety campaign focuses on unsafe situations on construction sites and within the office and workplace. We aim to quickly address situations that could lead to accidents, such as improperly constructed scaffolding, electrical cabinets that no longer meet standards, and more. With the right mindset, we create the safest environments. Employees who prove to be actively committed to safety receive a significant reward at the end of the year, along with a motivating bonus.

The battle is on

The battle is on to report as many unsafe situations to the safety advisor as necessary. That’s the central goal of the campaign. Additionally, they immediately demonstrate how they transformed the situation into a safe working environment.

At the end of the safety campaign, the person who has reported and improved the most situations; wins the grand prize. Every year comes with a different surprise! But there's more:

"We want to ignite the safety awareness of our employees with an additional collective bonus if we end the year without work-related accidents," says Ann Verhue, HSQE Manager @ Callens.

For the second year in a row, all employees received the collective bonus, thanks to their dedication. Safety is not just an individual responsibility but a collective one. We move as a team and look out for each other.

Learning by doing, and doing while learning

Our people learn a lot from their colleagues in the field, but training too is essential to ensure maximum safety. That's why, in addition to monthly toolbox meetings for technicians, we also organize extra training sessions, always with a hot-topic theme. The latest topics included working in cold conditions, explosion hazards, and the LOTOTO procedure.

Project managers and leaders are educated as well. As our founder Willy Callens eloquently puts it: "It always rains top down". The project department plays a key role in making safety and vigilance a habit. They help secure their team's safety on-site by highlighting responsibilities and the available protective equipment.

“Callens emphasizes providing the Safety department with the necessary budget for personal and collective protective equipment. Nothing is too much to maximize overall safety. And it pays off," says Ann Verhue.


Countdown to 1000 days without a work-related accident

Thanks to everyone's efforts, we celebrated our second year without work-related accidents at the end of 2023. Now, we're counting down to our 1000th! Records are piling up. Therefore, we are committed to fervently advocating for everyone's proactive safety mentality through an annual safety campaign, mandatory training, and an extensive range of safety equipment.

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