Steam plant with 'dual fuel' burner balances heat supply

From old to new, to future-proof: this chemical giant moved its old steam installation aside for a new one, which includes a 'dual fuel' burner. In addition, we offered some extras that make the steam supply even more cost-effective.

'Dual fuel' burner allows steam plant to run on the best available energy

The 'dual fuel' burner - or combi-burner - switches smoothly from one energy source to another, depending on availability and energy prices. We connected a steam boiler of 7 tons/h with a built-in economizer to recover energy instead of wasting it.

The customer keeps an eye on his energy consumption through a module installed in the PLC. Measurements and calculations are made continuously. Based on those results, adjustments can be made to keep the efficiency close to 100%.

"Callens' engineering takes into account the highest possible efficiency. We estimate the payback period of the installation at 5 years - a great performance. So we are more than satisfied with our new boiler room!" says the Project Manager of this customer.

Heat-holding coil keeps possibility for back-up boiler warm

This chemical giant likes to keep its options open. By adding a heat-holding coil to the steam boiler, it can function as a back-up boiler in the future without wasting any heat. The primary steam supply can temporarily be derived from neighboring companies who have steam surpluses. This gives our customer two noticeable benefits

  • The boiler is quicker to reach pressure upon restart because the water is still warm.
  • The burner does not need to stop and start unnecessarily.

Thermal degasser in steel for optimal feed water - with low O2 guarantee

The thermal degasser with a capacity of 10 T/h, combined with an inox water service module, guarantees that the oxygen in the water is lower than 20 PPB. This is a requirement for optimally performing feed water. The low oxygen content prevents corrosion and keeps the efficiency of the steam boiler sharp.


Technical specifications

  • Capacity: 7t/h
  • Working pressure: 10 barg
  • Operating pressure: 4.5 barg
  • Combustion efficiency: 96%
Callens stoom dual fuel brander
Callens stoom dual fuel brander
Callens stoom dual fuel brander
Callens stoom dual fuel brander
Callens stoom dual fuel brander
Callens stoom dual fuel brander