Clone of Steam, odor combustion, ventilation and balance of plant in one smart package

Our customers reap the benefits of a unified Callens group. We packaged steam production, odor combustion, ventilation and the entire balance of plant in one smart package to relieve Aviko of all its worries in its brand-new factory in Poperinge.

Steam from cogeneration, thermal oxidizer and back-up boiler

Callens steam is the pivot of this new, ultramodern Aviko French fry factory, where 175,000 tons of frozen French fries and 11,000 tons of potato flakes are prepared every year. Our steam peels, blanches, dries and fries the potato products there.

The steam is primarily produced with a cogeneration plant (CHP) from CallensVyncke, which also supplies electricity.

If extra steam is needed or if the CHP is paused, the thermal oxidizer (TO) of Optimum by Callens steps in. Moreover, the TO takes care of the continuous odor combustion of the baking vapors, thanks to a clever piece of technology that cannot be found anywhere else. Even biogas is processed by the TO.

Ventilation system captures and purifies the air

The ventilation of the production areas was handled by our air technology department. For this, they installed 19 air groups with a total capacity of 900,000 m3/h.

Finally, our people took care of the entire balance of plant: assembling all machines and their parts such as the burner, economizer, flue gas fan, pumps, fittings... They also took care of the electrical control cabinet with PLC and HDMI.

Heads together for detailed engineering work & no-nonsense communication

Working together with the entire Callens group provides Aviko with more than one advantage. All engineering work is intertwined for the best performance of each individual part as well as the whole.

We promise Reliable Process Temperature around the clock, with no exceptions. The plant must run day and night and we make sure it does. If there seems to be a hitch, our service technicians jump on it. What's more, we can limit the number of points of contact for Aviko and arrange everything smoothly internally. A no-nonsense approach is crucial here.


Technical caracteristics

  • Capacity
    HRSG: 37 tons/h
    TO: 25 tons/h
    BUB: 25 tons/h
  • Operating pressure: 25 barg
  • Working pressure: 19-21 barg