Thermal specialist Callens conquers Walloon territory with a facility in Liège

15 April 2021

With the new facility in Liège, the West Flemish Callens now has its very own base in Wallonia, the fourth one after our headquarters in Waregem and our branches in Lochristi, Geel and Arnhem (the Netherlands). “This is another example of how we follow through on our promise of customer proximity, with staff within easy reach at every level,” says CEO Windy Moerman.

Callens team expands accordingly

In Liège, a completely new and complementary team of Callens staff is at the ready to assist clients from the sales process, during the design stage through to installation and with maintenance and intervention long after the system is in place. In fact, Callens insists on using its own technical experts to provide its clients with care-free industrial heating and ventilation systems with inter alia steam and thermal oil boilers and air-handling systems for process ventilation.

The team liaises closely with the Waregem home base and can bank on the support services there for a smooth launch and swift project delivery.

Bespoke solutions remain the norm

“Virtually all our projects are custom-built. We study every production environment that will house a Callens system so that our clients end up with the very best technical solution and one that will stand the test of time. After 55 years, we know our trade and the sectors we serve as no other, but we were short of feelers in Wallonia”, Windy Moerman explains. Following an intensive search, Callens found experienced people in the region who can fulfil that role. “They will foster personal relations in Wallonia and ensure that every client can count on an impeccable and friendly service,” Moerman concludes.


Our new branch has a particularly apt address:

Rue de la Chaudronnerie 11B
4340 Awans (Liège)

Callens Liège can be contacted via our general e-mail address or its direct telephone number +32 (0)42 95 53 50.